Criminal Law

At Peszko & Watson, we recognize that your liberty and reputation is important to you, and that criminal charges can affect your ability to live, work and travel.

We pride ourselves in our ability to defend our clients before the courts, whether they are adults facing charges under The Criminal Code or The Controlled Drugs and Substances Act, or youths charged under The Youth Criminal Justice Act. Each of our lawyers maintains an active criminal defence practice and regularly appear before the courts.


We Represent Clients on All Forms of Criminal Charges Including

  • Property and fraud offences
  • Drinking and driving offences
  • Drug offences
  • Firearms offences
  • Crimes of violence including sexual assaults, murder and manslaughter
We represent clients at all stages of proceedings including the pre-charge or investigation stage, bail, bail reviews, preliminary hearings, fitness hearings, dangerous offender hearings, pre-trial conferences, trials (with or without a jury), sentencing hearings, sentencing circles and appeals.

Our members are active in all levels of court from the Provincial Court to the Supreme Court of Canada and our experience can assist you in the resolution of your problem.

Civil Litigation

Regardless of what’s at stake, a lawsuit is rarely the first option when a dispute arises. However, sometimes it can be the only option when negotiations fail and you need to go to court to resolve your legal problem.

Whether you have been injured due to someone else’s carelessness or someone has failed to live up to their end of a contract, our lawyers can assist you and provide the legal advice you need to resolve your problem in a timely and effective manner

Sometimes, it is someone else who claims that you caused an accident or failed to honour a bargain. We can assist you too with your defence.

Whether you are the injured party or the person alleged to have done something wrong, we can help.


Civil Litigation Services

  • We will advise you as to the merits of your claim or defence based on the law in Saskatchewan.
  • We will assess your goals and priorities and provide strategies that would best accomplish your objectives.
  • We will undertake all negotiations possible on your behalf to resolve your claim with the other party.
  • We will prepare, serve and file all documents needed by the courts on your behalf.
  • We will attend and represent you in all proceedings leading up to the trial, including mediation sessions, examinations for discovery, and pre-trial conferences.
  • We will prepare and present your evidence and all legal argument to the court at trial.

Family Law

Anyone who has been through a family or marital dispute knows that it is an emotional time that has the ability to change your life forever.  When you are in the midst of this sort of personal situation your emotions are high and it is difficult to navigate through this complex area of law alone.  The situation may seem uncomplicated with easily obtainable results at first sight; however, numerous factors can change everything in an instant, especially when emotions are involved.

Your point of view can be altered, affecting your decisions and your perception of your options.  Having a professional and trustworthy advisor on your side that is unrelated to your personal situation can ensure that you are making the best decisions and completing the legal process accurately.


Family Law Services

  • Separation Agreements
  • Pre Marriage Agreements
  • Divorce
  • Spousal Support
  • Child custody
  • Child Support
  • Division of Property
  • Mediation and Negotiation

Corporate Law

Has the time come to incorporate your existing business or do you wish to add a partner to your growing enterprise? We can work with your professional advisors to build a plan that meets your professional goals.

At Peszko & Watson, we recognize that different businesses have different objectives. Sometimes, a family farm may need to become incorporated to allow for the best transfer between generations or a growing proprietorship may need to add partners to gain an edge over their competition. In any case, you need lawyers who are accessible, collaborative and results oriented.

We can assist you with evaluating your current business structure and suggest changes that may protect your assets or assist your operations. We can review and negotiate contracts and leases on your behalf or prepare and register financing documents. We can also assist you with shareholder agreements, non-disclosure contracts or employee contracts. We can also assist you if you are considering buying or selling an existing business.

Whether you are a new venture or an existing enterprise, your business is important to us.

Real Estate Law

Are you buying or selling a home, farm land or a commercial property? We can help you with your transaction and provide you with the service and advice you need to confidently close on time.


We Can Undertake on Your Behalf

  • The negotiation of terms on your purchase or sale.
  • The preparation of your agreements, including offers to purchase, agreements for sale, mortgages or guarantees.
  • Performing the necessary searches to ensure your interests are protected.
  • Working with your lender to ensure that funds are releasable when required.
  • Obtaining the necessary discharges to deliver the property to you pursuant to the terms of the agreements.
  • Distributing the proceeds of the transaction to the necessary parties (such as your lender, the vendor.
  • Payment of realtor’s fees, surveyor’s costs, land titles fees, municipal taxes, etc.).
  • Providing the necessary reports to you, your lender, or any other party that may be required.

At Peszko & Watson, we know that buying or selling a property can be exciting, yet stressful, and we will endeavour to assist you at every step of the transaction to ensure that your experience is a positive one.

Wills and Estates

An estate plan is your blue print to ensure that your wishes are followed to the fullest extent permitted by law regarding the management of your affairs.


The Objectives of Most Estate Planning

  • Ensuring that your assets are protected and capable of being managed should you become incapacitated during the course of your lifetime.
  • Ensuring that your health care needs and personal wishes are followed in the event that you become sick or ill and cannot provide guidance to your doctors or health care professionals.
  • Ensuring that as much of your assets as possible transfer to your intended beneficiaries upon your passing.
  • Ensuring that as much of your assets as possible are fully paid for upon your death.
  • Ensuring that your minor or disabled children are cared for and looked after by responsible guardians.
  • Minimizing the amount of taxes, legal fees, probate costs, and land titles charges your estate or your beneficiaries may pay.
  • Reducing or eliminating the involvement of the Courts or third parties in your estate.

There are different documents and tools that can assist you with your estate plan. A Power of Attorney is a document whereby you can appoint a trusted person to manage your personal and/or property affairs, typically in case you become incapacitated or have to be away from your home for an extended period. A Health Care Directive or Living Will can appoint someone to make medical decisions regarding your care or treatment in the event that you are unable to do so. And finally, your Last Will and Testament can appoint someone to manage and distribute your estate to your intended beneficiaries in accordance with your predetermined wishes.

At Peszko & Watson, we recognize that every plan is unique and requires precise planning. We will work in consultation with your other professional advisors to build a plan that meets both your present and anticipated future objectives.

Dependent Adults

When adults lose capacity to make decisions respecting their care and well-being, families face many challenges in obtaining assistance for their loved one. In Saskatchewan, the Adult Guardianship and Co-Decision Making Act allows someone close to the adult to become a court appointed property and/or personal guardian.

At Peszko & Watson we understand the difficulties families face in this situation and we therefore provide comprehensive advice on the options available. For example, a co-decision maker may be more appropriate in some circumstances and a full guardianship order more appropriate in others. In many cases, a property guardian has to post a bond and the terms of the order and the bond require approval from the Public Guardian and Trustee’s Office.

We will work with you and your family to assist in making an informed choice respecting the degree of guardianship required and the terms for an order that will be effective in assisting the dependant adult.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if your office can help me?
You may contact our office and speak to one of our lawyers or schedule an appointment to meet with them. Bring in all information (such as documents, pictures, or other materials) that you think may assist the lawyer in determining if we can help you. We can usually advise you at the first meeting if we can help you, what your options may be and what costs you may expect in resolving your problem.
What information do you need when I call you or schedule an appointment?
We need to know who you are, who the other parties involved in your case are, and a brief description of your problem or claim to ensure that we are not in a “conflict of interest” by representing you against an existing or past client of the firm.
Do you provide advice on the telephone?
We generally do not do for a number of reasons. First, it is important to maintain the integrity of the solicitor-client relationship and sometimes telephones are not secure communication devices. Second, we need to ensure that we would not be in a “conflict of interest” by representing you as some persons could portray themselves as someone other than whom they say they are via telephone.
How much does it cost to see a lawyer at your firm?
The cost varies from lawyer to lawyer and you should ask that lawyer prior to scheduling an appointment about how much he or she charges for a consultation. Some services are provided on a flat fee basis while others may be charged on an hourly or contingent fee basis. The fees we charge for your first consultation and thereafter on your file will depend on the nature of your problem, the experience of the lawyer, the complexity of your problem, the time required to resolve your issues, the value of the property or assets involved or the importance of the issues in your case, and the results achieved by our firm.
Can you guarantee the result I want or need?
No person or lawyer can guarantee a result or outcome to a case. We, as lawyers, use our skill, knowledge and experience to guide you through the legal process, represent you to the extent of our abilities and present your case in the best manner possible, however, there are factors too numerous to mention that could or may influence your case that are beyond your control or that of your lawyer to guarantee a particular outcome.
How may I pay you?
At present, we accept cash, personal and certified cheques, mail orders, and Visa or Mastercard credit cards.
Where do you provide legal services?
Although we have permanent offices at Saskatoon and Biggar, our lawyers travel throughout Saskatchewan and in some cases, other provinces, to represent our clients.
What are your office hours?
Please visit our contact page for our office hours and contact details.
How do I maintain in contact with my lawyer?
Our lawyers will ask you how you prefer to keep in contact: by telephone, mail, e-mail or personal meetings. In addition, we will attempt to return your messages as soon as reasonably possible. Sometimes, we are in court, meetings, out of town or away from the office for extended periods of time and are unable to return telephone, e-mail or written messages from clients immediately, however, we strive to return messages to clients within 24 hours wherever possible. For your convenience, our receptionists and secretaries can advise you when we are anticipated to return to the office.